Taste the Italian temperament

High-quality selected ingredients and a meticulous production process culminate in the delicate flavour of Ambrosia gin. Mixed in a cocktail, on the rocks, or after a meal, it’s the secret to making every moment of your day unique.


Turn the lights on you

Choose a drink worthy of your night life and bring out every toast with a touch of premiumness. The right company, the right location and the right drink. Let the party begin.

A botanical selection, bain-marie still distillation and a typical Italian artisanal craftsmanship guarantee the uniqueness of Ambrosia premium gin.

Producer:Tenuta CollesiMethod:Distilled GinProof:40.00%IT
Botanicals: Premium class juniper berries, Sicilian lemon, rosemary and sage of the Marches.70 cl

Ambrosia Premium Gin


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Sicily Edition

Coming Soon

Enjoy our tribute to Sicily. Taste the new Ambrosia Sicily Edition, made with 100% Sicilian botanicals: citrus peel, orange blossom and chilli peppers, directly from the island.

Ambrosia Gin - piume Ambrosia Gin - piume